Jobs For Military Veterans Without Degrees In 2020

Many servicemen, having been demobilized from the army, cannot build a career in the civil service: they get stuck in low-paying positions, face cultural contradictions, and cannot find application to the skills acquired in the military service. Is it really so? Let’s find out more about jobs for military veterans without degrees.

Why is it hard for military veterans to find jobs

Military service, as it turned out, is often a pass to decent work. Recently, about 200 job offers have been posted in the ‘Indeed’ database for military veterans and people who have served in the army. The chances of a good job are also enhanced by the presence of military rank, ticket, contract service experience, and work experience in the right field.

For example, a military ID will be required at an interview for the positions of security guards, supervisors, collectors, and drivers. And candidates for the post of head of the security service, head of the warehouse, head of security, and emergency commissioner will require experience in the army or the U.S. Department of Defense in officer posts.

Jobs for military veterans are offered in the field of top management. Often, employers seek to hire the production managers and directors of companies of those candidates who served in the army as commanders. Obviously, they count on the firm hand and iron discipline of such workers. Often, such applicants will also need a military education (legal or technical).

Looking for the best jobs for veterans without degrees, there are several specialized professional fields. Obviously, the main area of ​​focus is security, which accounts for up to 78% of all vacancies. Typical work has to do with security guards, managers of security services, video surveillance systems, and property security. In addition, you can find a job in the field of personal and fire safety.

Among other professional areas where you can find the best jobs in the army reserve, transport, banking, production, and sales are the leading occupations. There are also separate offers in the auto sphere, public service, IT and online tutoring jobs.
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Many former military men looking for jobs for military veterans without degrees are distinguished by their determination: they have a clear strategic plan of life which they strive to implement in spite of everything.

Some employers also want to hire people with military qualities in their company. ‘An employee can always be taught the missing skills, but it’s impossible to instill in his diligence and punctuality,’ the entrepreneurs say.

Companies with a clear vertical hierarchy especially value candidates for jobs for this social group, which is why among best jobs after military retirement there are such professionals as ministers and heads of state-owned companies.

Many officers with narrow military qualifications have to occupy ordinary jobs for military veterans without degrees though, which unsettles them. Particularly difficult is the transition from the army to the civil service for officers with military experience of more than 15 years. 

Candidates with a military background are good business executives. They can be instructed to manage unit costs. The army is taught the correct attitude to material stocks, the suppression of squandering, and bribery. But it is better not to let retirees enter business development and marketing: there is no commercial activity in the military service. Therefore, developing sales channels or increasing profitability is not appropriate for the military people.