How to Handle Stress at Work – 10 Easy Tips for Military Veterans

People deal with stress at work with all possible means: coffee, energy drinks, and smoking (by the way, CBD cigarettes are better than nicotine ones since they do not kill your lungs). However, all these means of getting fast relief are addictive and unhealthy. In this article, we collected the most effective ways of getting rid of stress at work without spoiling your physical and mental health.

One in four adults calls work the number one source of stress in their lives. Even the most beloved business can turn into a stress factor and greatly undermine health. Therefore, it is important to learn how to deal with nervous tension in the workplace.

Notably, military veterans do not have enough time, and this repeats every day again and again – this is considered the cause of stress at work. But there are only 24 hours in a day – how is it better to organize yourself and your day to cope with high stress work?

Best stress relievers at work

Take breaks

The first rule of stress free jobs is to get prepared before the most difficult time comes. If you know in advance when the “hot time” will come to work, plan a short vacation before and after the emergency. A couple of weekends will help you prepare for future difficulties and allow you to start work fresh and rested, and put your thoughts in order. Holidays will allow you to relax and recharge too. It will be much easier to cope with the intense workload if you give yourself the opportunity to prepare and recover from it.

And do not forget about breaks during the working day. Sometimes even a five-minute walk clarifies one’s thoughts. Use lunchtime to recharge before the second half of the working day. Leave the office, walk along the street, do not sit on a chair all day.

Simplify your life

The last thing you need to think about when dealing with stress at work is a pile of dirty clothes waiting to be washed or a broken TV that you need to take to a service center. Try to concentrate fully on work: do not be distracted by household trifles. If possible, find someone to help you sort out your current duties. Ask a partner to do the laundry, and a friend to take the equipment for repair. Set aside time and other important things – try to spend less time with your smartphone and laptop, turn off your gadgets when you come home.


All of the above does not mean at all that you should give up sports. How do you handle stress and pressure while feeling and being weak? On the contrary, regular training will help you cope with stress and increase productivity at work. Even if you don’t go to the gym, try to get to work on bicycle or on foot, do not use the elevator, and take a walk during the lunch break.

Take care of your body

Do not forget about health. Just an eight-hour dream (no matter how unattainable it may seem in difficult times) will allow you to fully relax and prepare for a new working day. This will teach you how to manage stress at work. Plus it protects against “burnout.” 

Respect your schedule

The peak productivity of some people falls in the morning, while others succeed only late in the evening. Respect your abilities and try to move the implementation of the main and most difficult tasks to this time. Working in the “unproductive” time will make you nervous, but there will be no result.

Find time for yourself

Even if it is a ten-minute break, arrange it during the day. Switch, take a couple of sweets, stretch. There are many ways to shake yourself and get back to work with renewed vigor.

Do not overwork

Overworking does not mean achieving more. After a 56-hour working week, your productivity begins to decline. Whatever the emergency, try not to stay up late at work. That’s crucial when learning how to overcome stress. Ultimately, it’s not the number of hours you spent in front of the computer that matters, but the quantity (quality) of the work performed.


After the difficult work is done, take 15 minutes to remember and analyze everything that happened to you in the past hours. At what moments did you feel good? When were you most stressed? How can you fix this? Constant work on errors will help you cope with subsequent tasks more successfully.

Take CBD wax

Taking CBD-enriched products has become a popular tendency lately due to the following benefits: first, it’s a natural treatment (CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the hemp plant). Second, it does not affect the human mind so you do not need to worry about its legality in your state. On the contrary, THC – the component which is present in marijuana and absent in CBD – can cause hallucinations and harm your health. Whereas cannabidiol oil and other products contribute to better sleep, decrease anxiety level, and heal the pain caused by different irritants, including post-traumatic stress. 

The reason why we advise you to try CBD wax is the high concentrations of CBD in it. The wax is isolated cannabidiol without any additional compounds of the hemp. Hence, its potencies are high enough to cure anxiety, stress, pain, and lack of sleep fast. If you are not sure about starting to take CBD wax, you can try out CBD cigs review by ValidCBD. They are especially suitable for people who have been smoking for a long time and are looking for the way to stop it. These cigarettes, as well as other CBD smokes, will help you feel relaxed and calm without nicotine in its composition, so there will be no harm to your lungs. The concentration of cannabidiol in CBD cigarettes is usually 10%, which is almost the same as in CBD wax. As you can see, it’s quite an effective substitute for your regular vape or other smoke. If you are wondering whether CBD cigarettes are legal, do not worry. They are, as well as CBD coffee, oil, and other food supplements in most US states. 

Now that you know how to reduce the stress levels during work and balance your duties with your life, don’t hesitate to put our tips into action. Repeating them like a part of your daily routine will make you more productive and concentrated.

Apart from relieving the stress, the best CBD wax has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. It reduces blood cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels. This is an excellent prevention of stroke and pre-infarction. This product is beneficial for people who suffer from anemia too.

Find more about how to use CBD wax and its possible contraindications on the distributors’ official site.