In today’s ever-changing market conditions, it is especially difficult for former military personnel to adapt, as they are used to directive management. In addition, the excessive straightforwardness of the former military is harmful to civilian career and work ethic. Candidates who have served in the army are used to not discussing orders and demand the same from subordinates, but in civilian life, people are not used to obeying implicitly.

Hero to hire posts

Many servicemen, having been demobilized from the army, cannot build a career in the civil service: they get stuck in low-paying positions, face cultural contradictions, and cannot find application to the skills acquired in military service.

“Employers don’t understand how to capitalize on the skills of the former military,” military veterans say. Some companies have begun to apply special strategies to facilitate the adaptation of retirees to civic work.

Many officers with narrow military qualifications have to occupy ordinary posts which unsettle them.

That’s why we are here for you to help you find the job of your dream. Do you think that it is unreal for a military veteran? As it turned out, the army service often becomes a pass for decent work. The presence of military rank, ticket, contract service experience, and work experience in the necessary field increase the chances of successful employment.

For example, a military ID will be required from the applicant for the positions of security guards, controllers, collectors, and drivers. And from applicants to the heads of the security service, the head of the warehouse, the chief of security, the emergency commissioner, and the head of the brigade, experience in the army or the US Dept of Defence in officer posts will be necessary.

The ex-military is also offered positions in the field of top management. Often, employers want to hire candidates who served in the army as commanders for production managers and company heads. Personnel officers suggest that they rely on the firm hand and iron discipline of such employees. Often, such candidates also need military education (legal or technical). 

For the former military, there are also a number of specialized professional fields. First of all, this is security, which accounts for up to 78% of all job offers. Typical employment includes security guards, security managers, video surveillance systems, and property security. In addition, you can find work in the field of personal and fire safety.

Among other professional sectors for the former military and those who have served in the army, transport, banking, working personnel, production, and sales are leading. There are also individual offers in the auto sphere, civil service, and IT / telecom.

Personnel officers note that they do not expect significant work experience from the former military. About half of the vacancies require 1 to 3 years. Almost a quarter of all offers do not require work experience. In addition, only 60% of vacancies are full-time. Every fifth sentence is on a rolling schedule.

Such data were obtained as a result of an analysis of the vacancy database. The results of this analysis will be discussed in future articles in this blog. So stay tuned, and we’ll help you find a new job as soon as possible.