Most of us have had bad bosses throughout our careers.

According to MarketWatch they fall into six categories: the buddy boss, the inept boss, the mean boss, the disconnected boss, the micromanaging boss, the unrealistic boss. Bad boss stories have been shared so much they inspired a movie trend (Horrible Bosses, Horrible Bosses 2) and have numerous blogs where people can share (i.e. vent) their experiences (a few of note are OfficeVibe and SHRM) with the blogosphere.infographic-bad-boss

I know bad news always travels faster than good news, but to only hear tales of mean, micromanaging, unrealistic bosses makes me sad because I have proof that there are some really good bosses out there whose stories need to be told. In fact, I know of 2,424 awesome employers who were nominated by Guardsmen or Reservists for the 2016 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award (commonly shortened to “Freedom Award”). These 2,000+ employers went above and beyond to support their Guard and Reserve employees and their families. In a world full of negative news, that is really good news and their Guardsmen and Reservists are very grateful!

esgr_2016_freedom_semifinalistbadgeThat is the good news, but here is the great news – out of those 2,424 nominations, 139 semifinalists have been selected. Find out if your company is a semifinalist here. You know what that means? It means there are at least 139 great bosses in the United States. Bosses who mow the grass at the home of their Guard or Reserve employee while the military member is deployed overseas. Bosses who make sure military employees’ company benefits reflect the service they provide. Bosses who organize military support groups within the company. Bosses who take care of military members’ families. The list of good deeds these 139 employers provide to their Guard and Reserve employees is long and varied. And, this is why they were chosen as Freedom Award semifinalists.

Let’s not dwell on all those bad bosses (learn from them, yes; dwell on them, no) but praise the good ones. That said, please help me congratulate these 139 supportive employers who prove that good conquers bad.


SJB major

Maj. S.J. Brown is the Deputy Director of Strategic Communication and Public Affairs at the Department of Defense’s Family and Employer Programs and Policy organization. She is responsible for the community relations, media relations, internal communications and government relations programs for FEPPs four offices: Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, Hero2Hired, Service Member and Family Readiness, and Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.